- Extra clear, less haze effekt
- More than 20 years global projects
- Less powerconsumtion - continuous operation
- Different colors (white, grey, dark grey)
- Easy retrofitting on glass and acryl

Self-Adhesive Film By the use of Privacy Glass, also called switchable film, privacy film or smart tint, all to make a privacy window film (self-adhesive) or privacy window glass. You can take your windows from traditional form to technological one with a click of a button. With Switchable glass you can enjoy the new no-curtains look that you love without losing the privacy that you deserve.

Smart Film


The POWERBOX is a special transformer for
SmartSolutions like SmartGlass or SmartFilm,
developed and designed in germany!

- Ready to use with SmartGlass and SmartFilm
- Sliding-Doors with SmartGlass
- 230 Volt 50HZ and 110 Volt 60Hz
- CE Certificate
- Support for 65 Volt +- 5 Volt
- Incl. 12V relais to manage 33mA Output
- Measure: B120 x H120 x T60 mm


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Smart Medical Door

Privacy in Spa

Schützen Sie Ihre Privatsphäre vor ungebetenen Blicken

Wichtige Besprechungen im ungestörten Besprechungsraum

Privacy in Meetingroom

Optimales Element in Nassräumen wie Badezimmer oder Dusche

Bath and Shower

Spezialanwendung - digitale Jalousie!

Smart Blends

Durchsicht auf Befehl - Privacy wenn nötig!

Security Office